Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slruup! Sop Daging Betawi Punye

Slruup! Sop Daging Betawi Punye

Create the current fell dizzy, the body is not quite fresh, the soup can be a panacea. This is the honest processed meat soup kitchen Betawi. Kuahnya clear kecokelatan, cutlet with a hefty However pillowy soft. Do not asked it again. Tasty, fresh and delicious no ade duenye!

Restaurants blessing this has been famous since long time. Cuman ya andalannya dish meat soup. First warning, do not be too if the day would come by to eat the small shop near the building Prabu 1 Jl.TB this Simatupang. Section you will have to wait outside for a chair or the most apes, soup is out!

Because do not want to experience frustration, then set up sayapun time. 12 Hours through a few already in the restaurant that has been since 1980 an is. In fact almost all the tables are filled with visitors at the lunch hour.

The mainstay of home makn this is the first beef soup. Only two sizes available, small bowls and large bowls. Create that do not like beef, are fried chicken and the egg pepes goldfish.

At the end of the middle part there is a cabinet where meracik soto. Steam delicious aroma of meat immediately tercium. My business to ask cutlet with a little bone that failed. "It is finished, aja living flesh 'comment so the waitress.

Order the soup is served in small portions in soup bowls size. There are about 3-4 pieces of beef in large measure snug, about 4x4 cm. Bongkahan this meat sauce soaked kecokelatan cornea and ditaburi affairs onion and celery leaves the rather royal. The aroma is very tasty broth sapinya offensive!

If you see the size of the cutlet of doubt so. What is soft flesh of that? Hmm ... apparently the meat is very easy to cut with a spoon and fork. It? Soft, soft and easy to be chewed. The texture of meat redness. Maybe the meat is cooked with the pot so that the press still sturdy but soft! The process does not need to cook long enough and carefully maintaining the stock in order to not snoring.

Sniff kuahnya terrace tasty, honest, natural meat broth as a native sedap. After stirred with sambal sauce and lime juice kucuran, then feel quite sangar, slightly mengigit and memiu derasnya stream sweat!

To enjoy this addition to the meat soup with rice, a simple side dish-pauk available. Meatball, fried tempe and tahu goreng plus emping melinjo super big. Tempenya large, dry fried with onion taste trickle. Crisp and tasty. Perjedelnya than big, it's also teeming with tasty soft aroma of nutmeg and pepper are fragrant. All appear as Betawi style, plain, sober!

I also sweat stream redakan with orange ice PERAS original, fresh, sweet and sour. Emping the dikucuri kecap manispun be the perfect complement this meat soup meal. As a reducer and spicy taste of fat in the mouth, soup, dessert stalls in this miss saying. Buginese cakes in this place memag canal. Flour made from black sticky rice with coconut unti the white and banana leaf wrapped. Legit, flexible and fragrant taste, fit for dessert! Sayapun bring some of this Buginese wrapped cake to take home!

Price of food stalls ditaawrkan is still cheap relative porsunya considering the rather large. Meat soup bowls and small Rp 25,000.00 Rp 30,000.00 large bowl. Tofu and tempe Rp 1500.00 while for meatball Rp 3000.00. O yes, that delicious cake Buginese legit and it is only Rp. 1000.00 per bale. is not it? If you want to mneyegarkan body while a Betawi culinary memcicipi honest, just stop by a stall to eat this!